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One of the many things, I like about the Internet is —  it’s equal for all. No matter where you live, who you are, everyone gets the same access to everything. But! There are some sites like Netflix, pandora, BBC. That puts geo restrictions on its content Due to distribution rights & legal issues etc. so, what is the best way to bypass country restriction on video sites? Well, let’s find out. Hi there This is Abhishek once again And, some of you might not know this But I’m a huge movie buff.I binge watch Netflix all the time. But one big problem with that is the country restrictions Netflix catalog of my country is different from others. And it’s not just Netflix If I want to listen to music on pandora. Well, it’s not available outside states Or if I want to read an article from BBC UK, It’ll redirect me to the .in websites. Now, one way to fix this problem is to use service like VPN. And then switch to the desired country. Although this method works. It’s not the best way to go about it on video sites Due to slower speed And not to forget, Netflix is closing down all the connection coming from VPN? So, what is the best solution? Well, it’s something called smart DNS. Which unlike VPN, Only change your DNS server So, imagine this — You are in India Where you either live or visited for some  work And you want to watch your fav US shows on Netflix Now, if you do it the regular way, Netflix will redirect you to the country catalog (if you have any) Next, thing that you can do is, Connect to VPN that has it server in states And then visit the Netflix  Now, ideally this should work, But there are two problem with this.

Why I Don’t Use VPN For Streaming Videos Websites

1) since VPN create an encrypted tunnel you’ll get much lesser speed. Not suitable for browsing videos.
2) If you not already know Netflix is shutting down connection from the popular VPN.

And that’s where SmartDNS comes in. So, by default you are using your ISP DNS records or from google etc But when you signup of SmartDNS service You’ll use their DNS server Which happens to be located in the country whose content you want to access. And this time, when you try to access Netflix, It will see the traffic coming from within the country.

So, let’ compare it SmartDNS with VPN

SmartDNS Unblock

How To Use SmartDNS For Unblocking Fav Website

Now, let’s see how to use a smartDNS — Go to smartDNS proxy and create a free account. For first 15 days, the service is free You don’t even need the account to sign up & if you like the service, You can go for the $5/monthly subscription. Next, you’ll need to setup smartDNS on your device  To do that, Activate your IP address in the system (do note that smartDNS don’t work on public wifi And it even didn’t work on my office WiFi) Next change you default DNS to smartDNS It’s pretty easy to do that, Just follow the instruction Another good thing about smarDNS is you can add the DNS records on your router  And every device connect to that Will start unblocking country restriction on its own.

If you find this stuff overwhelming. And that’s You might have to restart your system or flush you DNS And that’s it.  If you have successfully configured the system You can see the checkmarks in your account page Now, let’s check it. Show some practical example of before and after using smartDNS on Netflix, Pandora, BBC UK, etc  But that’s just a tip of an iceberg.

You can unblock 100s of other sites SmartDNS only router certain website. That it think, you want to have global access and rest of the connection goes unalter, And obviously you can configure all these setting from the options page. So, who should try smartDNS?  If you a movie buff like me and watch to binge watch Netflix Or say. If you are living in the country where facebook and youtube are banned. Or If you are moving outside the US and want to have easy access To all your fav content. For a small monthly fee, you can live worry free once in for all. And thanks to smartDNS for sponsoring this video One lucky winner will get the 1-year free subscription.

All you have to do Signup for their free trial And leave a comment.why you want that? And that’s it.  — So, that’s it for now. I’m pretty excited the sherlock series Let me what are your fav shows in the comment below Don’t forget to hit the Share button if you learn something new