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Increase Blog Readers
From 0 to 100,000 blog reader’s a day? If u having the problem regarding driving traffic then you are at a good place, in this tutorial we show you how to drive targeted traffic to your blogger/websites through ethical SEO guide.

Getting million’s of traffic per/day in his website is everyone’s dreams. Getting millions of traffic on the blog that’s not an easy thing to do. But you do hard work to make 1000 $ per/month. There are a lot of difficulties newbies that how they generated the massive amount of traffic on their blogger blog. Their are lot’s of the method to get thousands of traffic sometimes u pay for it, sometimes website exchanger helps you to generate massive traffic, but remember do not use Traffic Exchanger or Auto Surf because they provide the fake visitor’s not real. If u still use this method there is a chance that may be you blocked by the Google. Here we show how to get massive and targeted traffic for free. By using some tools.In this tutorial include the following topics:

  • What Is Traffic?
  • Actionable idea’s for driving traffic
  • Content
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

Before go into the deep make sure that you created a new website and has 0 visits. This article contains the 6 plans that how you get from 0 to 100,000 per day. Yes, 100,000 blog reader’s is not impossible, people may use ways to get these visitors per day.

What Is Website/Blog Traffic?

It is most important thing to know that what is website traffic and how it works? In a website, Traffic means the amount of visitor’s you get. Means the visits you get daily by the visitors. Traffic is most important thing for your blog if you have zero traffic then your Alexa rank never gives up and you no more be able to make money by using your blog/website.

There are some great ways where you develop your site visitor’s to see your site, which we later discussed. SEO, Backlinking, Keyword researches, all the types of works is to deliver u the organic and healthy visitors. You also need to write killer and optimized content to grab the attention larger amount of a large amount of visitor’s.
Your site is nothing without visitors. You can also earn visitor’s by Backlinking is the great way to earn hundreds of free traffic a day without type any post. But there are some requirements before you made your website backlinks.

Duplicate Traffic Ban Your Blog on Google

If u think that is there a way that my website grow unlimited traffic? Yes, why not but in this case, you need to build the SEO of your site. But remember never ever used duplicate traffic means there are a lot of websites you found on the internet named traffic exchange or Auto surfer. There are thousands of available like this. Yes, they help to build the traffic and visitors for your blog for free. But if u use blog the google can’t accept these policies.They simply blocked your blogger blog. You see that your site views grow now by using these terms but google Analytics can’t count these page views. If u think that you want to buy traffic from Alexa or some other site, this trick always helps u. But it also has a problem they only provide visitor’s it does not make your site SEO, backlinks, keywords, etc. So get more traffic for the blog is the way to you make the SEO of your site. This is the best thing you can do for building massive traffic for your blog. But it takes some time to do that.
increase blog traffic

Best Ways of Reached Millions Traffic

There are some actionable idea’s or tricks that help you to get unique visitors from anything. This section is totally based on ways or actionable idea’s that make your site popular. So let’s see that is easy and most popular tricks to find percent of unique visitor’s

Start A Forum On Your Site

I know that many of them never heard a term forum, forum means where a group of people is joined to talk about the particular topic. You can create your own web forum on many sites but I preferred This site gives the complete overview of your forums.

Focus On keywords

Keywords are the main thing which you definitely focus on that. Many of the newbies didn’t give much importance to the keyword. Keywords are the thing which boosts your Page Rank and it is a great source which makes the SEO.

Start Your Facebook Page or Group Today

Start the Facebook group or Facebook page that will help you to build more traffic. You use social media like first you make the Facebook page related to your site then invite the friends to like your page. And always updated your page daily by posting the link to your website’s post. You can also make a group on Facebook and talk about your websites about your group members.

Submit Your Blog Post To Social Bookmarking

This is the method which you submit your blog post to Digg and StumbleUpon. This trick also helps you to drive traffic to other websites. That’s why we said that socialism is the great way to earn lot’s of a reader’s on their blog/websites.

Write Good Post Titles

Write good post title means that you are writing a website post about traffic sources that how to get free traffic on their blog, and give the title it to grow your website traffic in just 30 minute’s, headline of a post is most important because people see your website post by seeing the title and headlines.

Get On YouTube

YouTube is the great way to earn thousands of visitor’s visit’s your site. You make short videos about your site and published it on YouTube

Write Guest Post On Other Blog

Write the guest post on a relevant blog is the great source of earn traffic. If u write a guest post for other blogs then u must type your blog URL and signature at the end of the post. People who inspired by your guest post must visit your site.
Join a Blogger Community Like ProBlogger and CopyBlogger

Write Your Own E-books

By writing E-books and add the cover on the sidebar of your blog/website is a way to get your visitor’s inspired by your site.

Related Post Link’s At The Middle And End Post

This trick will be helpful to your visitor’s, this trick also keeps the visitor longer time on your site. By using this you will also build the SEO of your site.

Here are the top 10 actionable ideas that help you to improve the traffic of your blog, it not only improves the traffic but it also build the SEO of your site.
If you found this trick is helpful to you then let me know in the comments.

Improve your content strategy

Content Is King On Internet

The name content is more than just a simple word. This is used in various fields like it amazingly boost the Alexa traffic and search engine ranking, and SEO that’s why it is so called Content Is King.

How to Write Good Content for Blog

You often type a post Content is not like a Robotic be calm and write a way that you are talking with your friends. Your content must be highly optimized means “we discuss it later.” Normally you choose keywords to write your blog post on a specific topic. If u want to write a long blog post containing 2000 or 2500 words then it needs sometimes, in this post you do special, like u wrote Killer Content means ” A solid Information About Anything “. As u know there is over 2 million blog post published per/day. Some wrote genuine content or some use copyright method. Remember never ever used copyright method, because the google can’t accept your article and never indexed it.
You must type content that is related to your keywords, never do that you are writing a content about SEO management and your keywords and description about football tutorials and skills, never do that silly thing because the visitor’s who read your blog post is getting confused and leave your articles and make other searches. You only need to catch the visitor’s attention on your content.

Make Informative Title about Your Content

The second thing is to do that give a nice and interesting title to your post as I listed above. Give nice headlines means that your post is about basketball training and you give the title 10 ways to improve to basketball skills. The people which are interested in that always open the post and read it. Some people do that they write content for 4 ways to make money and they give the title like Earn money by blogging, never do that because you may decrease your traffic time by time.

Make Easy to Read and Beautiful Post

Your typed content must be easier for a reader to read it. Never use hard language that other people can’t get it. Make the article beautiful by inserting in images, useful guidelines, videos, etc. Yo think that you go other websites to find your own problems you visit that site and start read the post, the post you are seeing is not in good mannered and author writes the post never uses punctuation, capital or small words and no images and helpful videos are there, you did not want to read it at all. That’s why you use the easy way to write content.

Make Long Post And Categories

Your content length must depend on your category which category you write today. If a category is about tutorials then it would be just 250 or 500 words. But if you have a category like u give the complete guide that how to do this and this then you should write 1500 words to 2000. But in this way you give quality and unique information. Content must be like that they solve your visitor’s problem. If visitors comes to your site they must have the specific work that why they are browsing your site. They don’t browse your site anonymously. You have two things in your mind if u want your blog post successful the things are – Usefulness – Uniqueness

Keyword Research Is Very  Important Part Of SEO

Keyword researches are most important part of SEO that builds the SEO of your site, and indexed higher in google and boost your Alexa ranking. If u want to improve the search presence of your site with google. There are some special tools for build and choose the keywords of your blog/website. The things know before choose a right keyword for your blog, ” For Example, if your blog is about healthy body and fitness then your keywords should relate to health and body fitness. never choose the keyword that not related to your blog.

There are some ways where you choose right keywords for your site:

  • Google AdWords Tools and Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Microsoft Bing Ads Intelligence
  • Word Tracker
The best and effective way to start your keyword research is to use Google AdWords Tools, this gives the authentic result that you need to find your keywords. They not only tells you keywords that suitable to your site, but it also gives you a perfect volume of this keyword searches.” It also tells you a keyword density, remember when you choose a keyword and write post about it, always check the density of your keyword, if your keyword density is higher then you should find your site in top Google ranking, and when your density is lower then you find your site on 6 to 7 page of google, where no one likes to go” So I prefer that u get to start by Google AdWords to find best keywords for you.
Most effective keywords are Long Tail keywords Read About Everything Follow Below Link:

SEO!! ( Search Engine Optimization )

SEO is a way or strategy or techniques to earn thousands of visitor’s per month and to indexed your site higher in Google. SEO is not a term that you learn but it is the technique that how you indexed or boost up your site in google searches. It based on you that how you build your site SEO.

First and foremost thing to build an SEO is to create backlinks to your website. Backlinks mean that you posted your site link in high generated traffic websites comments. Where people show your websites in comments and there was 90% chance to visitor’s visit’s your blog. You cannot only paste the link but also paste a little and short description about your blog. You can receive the huge amount of traffic if u that this method.

Use Social Media for Social Signal

As I say that always share your blog post in social media. Social Media is the great and authentic way to earn organic visitor’s on your site. You can share your blog post at least 3 sites, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. And you can use webmaster tools to boost up rank on google searches. Content is also the important part of getting traffic, there are some people in the blog sphere which post their first blog post and get 1,50,000 visits. That’s the power of Content.




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