Top 5 Black Hat Hacking Techniques (You Can Hack Everthing)

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Most Dangerous Black Hat Hacking Techniques

Black Hat Hacking has become a reality and we all should protect ourselves & take different steps to prevent it Hello My Name is Abhishek & I will tell you about six different techniques of hacking

Basically, I will tell you about their names and how to prevent them so stay tuned

Social Engineering Hacking Technique

first of all, I would like to tell you about the hacking technique which is the easiest called social engineering it mostly includes guessing hacker is most of the time guessing the password

you may have seen in some movies how people hack bank account using social engineering because for bank accounts there are some security questions which are guessable if you look at the person life for example: –

Q. what’s your favourite pet?
Q. what’s your favourite teacher?

so the hackers using social engineering get the password by answering these security questions Now this the easiest and less used technique

Session Hijacking Password Hacks TechniqueThe second one is session hijacking this is used more than this and is more complicated than the first one

In session hijacking the hacker somehow hacks your session for example if you have logged in facebook When You turn off your PC so how facebook will know it’s you when you come back so that you don’t have to log in every time you turn your PC on off for this purpose a technique called cookies is used for basically are some files which contain your session and login information. hacker somehow copies these files and now when he turns his PC on using these files he is logged in to your account

To prevent this try not to install any pirated software because they have virus most of the time there are viruses which copy your cookies and send them to the hacker so whenever you install a software especially in windows when you allow a software there pop up a yes or no option recheck the name of software you are allowing

Phishing Technique Hack Online Sites

Other then this technique which is used to called phishing in this technique you are receiving user to enter his/her login info on a page which looks like the real site but is not for example if there is a facebook user or a google user, the hacker make him log in on a site which looks just like google or facebook but it actually not facebook or google and if look in the address bar some site with unknown link will be there this technique looks easy and useless but actually this is the technique in which maximum account are hacked and the reason behind that is we never double check the opened link and it does not require large effort all you simply need to make a page just like the login page of the site to be hacked

Sniffing Hacking Techniques For Network Hacked

This technique of hacking is called sniffing this technique which is less used for social website and more in atm hacks because in atm system there is a computer in atm machine linked to the main server in this technique the wire which transfers the data between computer and server is used to also transfer data to the hacker the device doing this task is called sniffer and the switch represents the sniffer to prevent sniffing we need to encrypt data even if hacker copies the file he will not be able to understand it
even in WhatsApp now there is the end to end encryption because they want to secure it and even if your internet provider is using a sniffer he will not be able to understand it the will not be readable without the encryption key

Hack & Spy Computer Data Wit Keylogger

another commonly used technique is called a keylogging. A keylogger is a software which monitors your keystrokes by recording whatever you type and stores it in a text file and after some time it’s emailing that file to the hacker

keyloggers normally are bundled with some other software and you may not know when they are running the technique used to transfer keylogger or any other malicious program is called trojan most of the viruses detected by anti-virus are a trojan horse.
trojan horse is a virus which shows itself as a useful program, for example, it show itself as a media player but will actually be a virus to prevent trojan horse keep your antivirus updated



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